Social Media in Arabic

Social Media usage in the Middle East is growing at a fast pace. Majority of the Arab Internet users are less than 40 years old, and almost all of them are on at least one or more social media networks — for several hours a day. The best part is not a lot of businesses are communicating with them in their native language, so you can reach them first and nurture them and get them as an audience.

Within the Middle East, GCC countries are in the forefront for Internet usage, Social Media & Smartphone penetration. Among social networking sites, Facebook is the leader with a massive 94% of Social Media users in MENA on it, and 56 million being active users. Twitter, the second most popular social networking site has over 3.7 million active users in the region, tweeting around 10 million Tweets per day. Middle East region also boasts around 300 million views on YouTube daily, the second highest of any region worldwide.

The Middle East is spending most of its free time staring at the screens. Digital content translates into digital advertising. The growing audience means that brands need to think about branding strategies. Attracting Arabs means growing your business. Remember, high quality Arabic language content is a must!

Are you communicating with them in their language? Are you promoting your products and services to this young, educated and rich audience? If your answer is NO, then you need to contact us on +97155 226 0555 to be able to widen your reach and include them in your social media marketing.