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Every business must have a website. Before striking a deal or making a purchase, customers go online to research about a company’s offerings and credibility.

However, a business cannot be contented with just having a website. With thousands of competitors online, there are 5 must haves for a website to be truly beneficial for both your business and your customers:


  1. Fresh and engaging content

All websites have the business details, values, products or services, and contacts. In addition to the basic information, the business website must have fresh and engaging content to ensure that site visitors would want to read through the pages of the site and have a memorable impression after the whole journey. Captivating photos, effective calls-to-action, easy to read content, and creative design are some techniques to make your business interesting.


  1. Responsive, User-friendly interface

A few years ago, many websites contained fancy animations and sound effects to stand out. Unfortunately, those sites loaded slowly and were not fully compatible when browsing with mobile devices. With an exponential growth of web traffic from mobile devices, businesses must have responsive websites that will automatically adjust when browsing from desktop or mobile devices. The site must be easy to browse through to make the content easy to access and absorb as well.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Customers use search engines to research on a product or service before making any decision. Business websites must be optimized for search engines to get ahead of the competition and be seen first by customers that are already searching for your business. Let’s face it, almost no one really turns to the second page of search results! Search Engine algorithms consider over 200 factors when determining page rank. SEO techniques can be implemented by in-house or outsourced to a team of SEO experts.


  1. Testimonials

On top of having a list of clients, a business can showcase their credibility and trustworthiness through genuine testimonials from clients. Testimonials give potential customers an idea on how to do business deals with your company and give them confidence to do so.


  1. Analytics

Knowing the performance and visitor behavior of the website allows the business to make the necessary improvements and increase the benefits for the business. Especially for e-commerce websites, it is important to determine which businesses went through the website and compute for the ROI of your online campaigns.


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