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Do you remember the digital mobile phones from the 90s? The phones looked (and weighed) like a brick with an antennae! Over the years, advancements in technology got rid of that antennae, decreased the device weight and size, put colored screens, and attached a camera. They also allowed phones to access the internet, placed larger touch screens, and installed fancy operating systems with thousands of applications!

With all the upgrades and added features, there is one feature that marketers have taken advantage of all these years: Short Message Service (SMS)! Most of you might think that it’s an old technology that we almost never use nowadays. This may be true for person to person communication but SMS Marketing is a proven, solid solution for many companies.

Not convinced? Here is a list of the powers of SMS Marketing:

  • Instant Delivery

SMS messages are received only seconds after you have hit the send button! As long as the phone is within network coverage, they will receive the message. There is no need for a data subscription or a high bandwidth.

  • High Open Rate

SMS messages have an open rate of over 90%! Moreover, the notification sound on mobile phones help messages to be read within 90 seconds.

  • Cost Efficient

Since the SMS is purchased by bulk, SMS Marketing costs much less than the traditional forms of marketing.

  • Universal

SMS works on all mobile phones regardless of brand, operating system, application or subscription.

  • Easy to Implement

Just apply for a Sender ID and create an engaging 160 character message to execute your campaign!


To learn more about SMS Marketing and how it can help your business, please contact us for a free consultation!

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