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As businesses aim to be more social and engage customers online, many companies have added a blog on their corporate website and update it regularly. Here are the reasons why businesses should consider having an active blog:

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are ranking pages based on many factors. One of the major factors is frequent updates to your website. By posting new blog entries, you create fresh content that indicates to search engines that your site is actively maintained. A blog post will give search engines more content with valuable and targeted keywords to help relevant search rankings.

Establish Authority on Key Topics

A company can share their expertise and insights through their blog entries. Through valuable content, companies are able to build trust and authority on topics related to their business. The improved credibility can lead to more conversions.

Connect to customers

Blogging allows businesses to build relations with their customers and site visitors by engaging them into a conversation through feedback or comments. Moreover, companies are able to show different sides of their brand that cannot be communicated through traditional marketing.

Cost Effective

Creating and maintaining  a blog costs very little. It can be added to an existing website and business owners or employees can easily add content relevant to their business.

Can generate leads

Having content relevant to your activity and services in your blog, can generate leads as you will have more content to share on social media platforms, and by adding effective Calls-To-Action within the post.

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